I was allowed to make anything I wanted as a project my sophomore year of college. I was led in the direction of something that would really capture how creatives think. After the duality of the brain was selected I went to work and really tried to capture what that meant on a deeper level. After all my research I decided that the left brain/ right brain was the approach I wanted to take.
There was a lot of deliberation on colors and typography and spacing and how I really wanted to represent each side and do them justice. I decided that the left brain really needed to have some sort of order and be very linear and composed while the right side was a little more wild and chaotic. The order of the left and the chaos of the right both have their place and are really important to how one brain functions. Everyone has both of these channels in them and they compose to make one functional brain.
The Brain, which originally started as a small art piece that was going to hang on canvas outside the communications lab turned into an art instillation that was 40 ft. long and 9 ft. tall. Since this is such a large piece in a narrow hallway you can't take in the whole thing from one single spot which makes for a really dynamic aspect and mirrors how the human brain works. Every person is multi-dimensional and you have to travel the length to really see the whole picture.
The Brain hangs in the Keating Center School of Business in the upper hallway outside of the Communications LabĀ (you can't miss it).

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